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Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Poncho, Medium Grey Color

Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Poncho, Medium Grey Color

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100% Cashmere - Made in Italy



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Made In Italy

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Meet our Italian Cashmere Cable Knit Poncho Wrap for women: Italian luxury at your fingertips. Its asymmetrical design, adorned with a classy cable motif, is as versatile as it is stylish. Crafted with the finest pure Italian cashmere, this lightweight cashmere poncho in medium grey Italian cashmere yarn ensures year-round warmth and breathability. Simply throw it on for an instant style boost. A pleasure to wear, a statement to behold.
  • 100% Pure Cashmere milled in Italy
  • Knitted and sewn in Italy
  • One size (approx. 29x29 inches)
  • Model is 5'8" tall
  • Weight: approx. 130 gr (approx. 0.3 lbs)
  • Medium-high gauge knit (8gg)
  • Hand wash or dry clean only
  • Made in Italy
  • Product Code: 10002T


  • Mill: Filati Biagioli Modesto (Italy)
  • Count: 2/28 Nm · 2-ply
  • Gauge: 8gg - Medium-High


  • Pisa - Tuscany, Italy
  • Production team: 12 (5 men / 7 women)
  • Daily batches to maximize sustainability


    Our Cashmere Spinning Mill

    Monticelli Cashmere exclusively presents the finest Italian yarn, crafted and dyed by the esteemed Filati Biagioli Modesto mill in Pistoia, just to the north of Florence.

    Filati Biagioli Modesto is a joint venture between the Biagioli family, Gruppo Prada, and Gruppo Zegna, ensuring the pinnacle of luxury yarn in our cashmere mill.

    For over 100 years, this distinguished luxury cashmere mill has been curating and processing top-tier cashmere fibers, which are then handcrafted into the world's most luxurious cashmere pieces.

    We're proud to partner with the Biagioli family, Gruppo Prada, and Gruppo Zegna to shape the future of luxury cashmere garments and accessories.

    Where do you source your cashmere?

    Monticelli Cashmere proudly sources its exquisite cashmere from Italy, near Florence. This mill, a joint venture between the Biagioli family, Gruppo Prada, and Gruppo Zegna, has over a century of expertise in curating top-tier cashmere fibers.

    These luxurious fibers are then expertly crafted into the world’s most luxurious cashmere pieces, marking our proud partnership with these renowned names in the luxury fashion industry.

    What quality standards does your luxury cashmere mill have in place?

    Our luxury cashmere mill adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring each product surpasses expectations. We employ a meticulous inspection process, from raw fiber selection to final garment crafting.

    Our commitment to excellence is evident in our use of advanced technology and skilled artisans, guaranteeing the finest cashmere quality that embodies luxury, durability, and unparalleled softness.

    What range of cashmere products do you offer?

    Our range of cashmere products includes a luxurious assortment of garments and accessories. We offer elegantly crafted sweaters, scarves, and shawls, along with a bespoke collection of throws and blankets.

    Each piece showcases exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design, catering to a discerning clientele seeking the ultimate in comfort and style.

    Do you follow ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing and production?

    Our mill is deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices in both sourcing and production. We ensure responsible sourcing of cashmere, adhering to strict animal welfare standards. In addition, Monticelli Cashmere products are ethically and sustainably made, aligning with our core ethos of sustainability and advocacy for Italian craftsmanship.

    Our production processes are environmentally conscious, minimizing waste and using eco-friendly methods. This commitment extends to fair labor practices, and by collaborating with artisans and factories that prioritize natural fibers and modern, eco-friendly techniques, we ensure that their products are not only of exceptional quality but also produced in a manner that respects both the environment and the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship.

    What distinguishes Monticelli Cashmere from other Cashmere brands?

    Monticelli Cashmere distinguishes itself by blending Italian heritage, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Our commitment to artisanal quality and luxury, combined with a modern design philosophy, ensures each piece is not only a fashion statement but also an embodiment of Italian culture and emotion.

    By focusing on ethical production and supporting local artisans, we offer more than just apparel; we provide a sustainable, luxurious experience that connects deeply with the wearer, fostering a sense of community and exclusivity.




    Renowned for its softness, warmth, and luxurious feel, Luxury Italian Cashmere is a timeless investment in your wardrobe. However, this delicate fabric requires specific care to retain its exquisite quality, which means that maintaining the beauty and longevity of your Italian Cashmere garments is essential for preserving their elegance.

    Learn how to take care of cashmere by following our cashmere care guide:

    Hand Washing:

    • Necessities: Use a basin or washbowl and a mild detergent.
    • Water and Detergent: Wash with cold or lukewarm water to prevent color bleeding or shrinking, using a small amount of mild detergent.
    • Washing Method: Gently massage the Italian cashmere wrap, scarf, cardigan, or sweater in the basin, pat stains with detergent, and avoid rubbing to prevent pilling.
    • Rinsing: Rinse in clean, cold water without wringing. Repeat until all the detergent is removed.
    • Removing Excess Water: Roll the cashmere garment in a towel on a flat surface and press gently to remove water.

    Machine Washing:

    • Protecting the Cashmere Garment: Place the luxuryItalian cashmere garment in a laundry bag or white pillowcase, optionally with towels in the washer for cushioning.
    • Detergent: Use a mild detergent, avoiding fabric softeners.
    • Water Temperature and Cycle: Use cold water and select a gentle program with the shortest spin cycle.
    • Drying: Never machine dry to avoid damage.


    • Positioning: Lay the cashmere garment on a clean towel in its original shape.
    • Exposure: Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources.
    • Drying Method: Air dry the garment, turning it over at least once for even drying, which may take several hours or a day.


    • Fabric Steamer: preferred for luxury Italian cashmere such as cashmere wraps and scarves, cashmere ponchos, cashmere sweaters and cashmere cardigans. Hang the garment and steam from a distance, letting it cool before wearing or storing it.
    • Ironing: Turn the luxury Italian cashmere garment inside out, cover with a light-colored cloth, and use the iron's lowest setting, ensuring the iron never touches the cashmere directly.


    • Storage Area: Choose an area that is clean, dry, and away from sunlight, like closet shelves or drawers.
    • Method: Fold, don't hang, to prevent stretching.
    • Moth Prevention: Store with cedar wood balls to keep fresh and prevent moths and mildew.

    Following these comprehensive instructions will help maintain the quality and longevity of cashmere garments.

    FAQ: Cashmere Care Instructions

    Can Luxury Cashmere be machine washed, or should it be hand-washed only?

    Luxury Italian Cashmere is best cared for by hand-washing in cool water with a mild detergent. While some Cashmere items can be machine washed on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent, hand washing is safer to prevent shrinking and damage. Always check the garment's care label for specific instructions.

    What type of detergent is safe for Cashmere?

    For Luxury Italian Cashmere, use a mild, gentle detergent specifically designed for delicate fabrics. These detergents are typically free from harsh chemicals and enzymes that can damage Cashmere fibers. Wool and Cashmere shampoos are ideal choices, as they cleanse effectively while maintaining the integrity of the delicate Cashmere fibers.

    How can I prevent my Luxury Italian Cashmere from shrinking?

    To prevent Cashmere from shrinking, always wash it in cold or lukewarm water and avoid high temperatures. Hand wash gently without excessive agitation. Never wring or twist the fabric. Dry it flat on a towel, away from direct heat and sunlight. Avoiding the dryer is crucial, as heat can cause shrinkage.

    Is it safe to use fabric softener on Luxury Italian Cashmere?

    It's generally advised to avoid using fabric softeners on Cashmere. Fabric softeners can break down the natural fibers and reduce the material's absorbency and breathability. Instead, opt for a gentle, Cashmere-friendly detergent. Proper washing and rinsing should leave Cashmere soft and luxurious without the need for softeners.

    How do I dry Cashmere items without damaging them?

    To dry Cashmere without causing damage, gently press out excess water without wringing or twisting. Lay the item flat on a clean, dry towel, and reshape it to its original size and form. Allow it to air dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight. Avoid using a tumble dryer, as heat can harm Cashmere fibers.

    Can I iron Cashmere, and if so, at what temperature?

    Ironing Cashmere is possible, but it requires care. Set the iron to a low heat setting, and ideally, use a pressing cloth between the iron and the Cashmere to protect the delicate fibers. Gently press without dragging the iron across the fabric. Steam can also help remove wrinkles without direct contact.

    What is the best way to remove stains from Cashmere?

    To remove stains from Cashmere, act quickly. Blot the stain gently with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid rubbing, as it can damage the fibers. For stubborn stains, use a mild detergent and carefully treat the affected area. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry as per usual care instructions.

    For persistent or difficult stains, professional dry cleaning is recommended.



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      What is the cultural significance of a cashmere cape wrap in different regions?

      A cashmere cape wrap carries profound cultural significance in various regions, symbolizing both heritage and tradition. In South Asia, shawls and wraps have long been revered for their craftsmanship and used in ceremonial attire. European cultures often associate capes and wraps with aristocracy and elegance, tracing back to medieval times. In contemporary fashion, a cashmere cape wrap represents luxury and timeless style, bridging cultural history with modern aesthetics. This garment not only provides warmth but also connects the wearer to a rich tapestry of global traditions and craftsmanship.

      How has the cashmere cape wrap been historically used in various cultures?

      Historically, the cashmere cape wrap has been a symbol of status and refinement. In ancient Persia, rulers wore intricately woven shawls as a sign of wealth and power. In Victorian England, cashmere wraps were fashionable accessories among the elite, often embroidered with elaborate patterns. Tibetan monks have used cashmere wraps for their softness and warmth during meditation practices. Each culture has infused the cashmere cape wrap with unique meanings, making it a versatile garment that transcends mere functionality, becoming a cherished item in wardrobes across the world.

      Can you share some traditions associated with wearing a cashmere cape wrap?

      Traditions surrounding the wearing of a cashmere cape wrap are as diverse as the regions they hail from. In India, gifting a cashmere wrap during weddings symbolizes prosperity and respect. In the Andes, wraps are often used in traditional dances, highlighting their cultural heritage. In Europe, passing down a cashmere cape wrap from one generation to the next is a cherished family tradition, symbolizing continuity and heritage. These practices underscore the wrap's significance beyond its practical use, embedding it deeply in cultural rituals and family customs.

      How does the design of a cashmere cape wrap reflect cultural heritage?

      The design of a cashmere cape wrap is a testament to cultural heritage, often incorporating traditional patterns and weaving techniques. In Kashmir, the intricate paisley patterns are a signature of their rich textile history. Scottish cashmere wraps might feature tartan patterns, reflecting clan identities and local history. These designs are not just decorative; they tell stories and preserve the artistry of generations. Wearing a cashmere cape wrap, thus, is akin to draping oneself in the cultural narratives and skilled craftsmanship of diverse regions.

      What are some unique cultural stories behind the cashmere cape wrap?

      Unique cultural stories about the cashmere cape wrap abound. In the Himalayas, it is said that the warmth of the cashmere wrap comes from the cold, high-altitude environment of the goats it comes from, embodying the resilience of the people. In France, cashmere wraps became a symbol of romanticism in the 19th century, often worn by poets and artists. Each story, whether rooted in practicality or symbolism, adds layers of meaning to the cashmere cape wrap, making it a garment rich in history and cultural significance.

      How has the cashmere cape wrap been symbolically used in ceremonies?

      Symbolically, the cashmere cape wrap has played a pivotal role in ceremonies across cultures. In Tibetan Buddhism, wraps are offered to deities and worn by monks during important rituals, symbolizing purity and devotion. In Victorian England, women wore elaborate cashmere wraps during social gatherings, symbolizing grace and social status. In modern times, cashmere cape wraps are often chosen for formal events and weddings, embodying luxury and timeless elegance. These ceremonial uses highlight the wrap's enduring symbolic power and its ability to convey respect and honor.

      What makes a cashmere cape wrap a cultural icon in certain societies?

      A cashmere cape wrap becomes a cultural icon through its association with heritage, status, and craftsmanship. In regions like Kashmir, the meticulous hand-weaving techniques and traditional designs elevate the wrap to a symbol of cultural pride. In Western societies, its adoption by fashion icons and celebrities has cemented its status as a luxurious, must-have accessory. The combination of historical significance, superior quality, and aesthetic appeal makes the cashmere cape wrap a revered cultural icon, celebrated for its elegance and timeless charm.

      How do different cultures style and wear a cashmere cape wrap?

      Styling a cashmere cape wrap varies across cultures, reflecting unique aesthetic sensibilities. In India, it might be draped over one shoulder with intricate folds, showcasing its elaborate designs. In the Middle East, it is often wrapped around the body for warmth and modesty. European styles favor draping it loosely over the shoulders, pairing it with both casual and formal attire. Each styling method highlights the versatility of the cashmere cape wrap, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to different cultural norms and fashion trends.

      Why is the cashmere cape wrap a treasured item in various cultures?

      The cashmere cape wrap is treasured in various cultures for its luxurious feel, warmth, and deep-rooted significance. Its production involves skilled craftsmanship, often passed down through generations, making each piece unique. In many cultures, owning a cashmere wrap is a sign of prestige and a cherished possession, often associated with important life events and ceremonies. The wrap’s ability to combine practicality with cultural symbolism makes it a beloved item, embodying both personal and collective heritage.

      How do cultural influences shape the designs of cashmere cape wraps?

      Cultural influences profoundly shape the designs of cashmere cape wraps, embedding each piece with distinctive artistic elements. In Kashmir, traditional motifs like paisleys and floral patterns reflect the region's rich artistic legacy. Scottish designs often feature tartan patterns, symbolizing clan heritage. In Japan, minimalist and elegant designs might dominate, aligning with the cultural aesthetic of simplicity and harmony. These cultural influences ensure that each cashmere cape wrap is not just a piece of clothing but a wearable art form that tells a story of its origin.